· Naumburg ·

MILEstone: Labour market integration of non-EU nationals

Partners from nine European countries work together in the MILEstone project to improve existing strategies and policies aiming at advancing the sustainable labour market integration of non-EU nationals. Lead partner of the project is the Burgenland district (Germany). core-consult had been responsible for the project's elaboration and the... read more

Topic: Integration
Program: Interreg Europe
Service type: Project development, Project management

· Nuremberg ·

ReCo: Cooperating for a greener central Europe

The Central European Green Belt (CE EGB) forms a structurally rich bridge element connecting various valuable habitat types, which are of great importance in the role of natural carbon sinks for climate protection. However, challenging developments such as increasing land use and climate change are having a detrimental effect on, leading to a... read more

Topic: Nature and environmental protection
Program: Interreg Central Europe
Service type: Project management

· Hohnstein ·

AquaRenatura: Connecting biotopes of the border area

core-consult unterstützt die Städte Hohnstein (Lead partner), Sebnitz und Dolní Poustevna bei der Beantragung von Fördermitteln aus dem neuen Interreg-Programm Sachsen-Tschechische Republik, um Teiche im Grenzgebiet ökologisch instandzusetzen und so einen zusammenhängenden Biotopverbund zu schaffen. Die Teiche sollen geschützten bzw.... read more

Topic: Nature and environmental protection
Program: INTERREG Saxony-Czech Republic
Service type: Project development

· ·

ArchaeoTin: Detecting the oldest mining activities in the Ore Mountains

core-consult developed the project concept and application for the project ArchaeoTin on behalf of its Lead partner, the Saxon State Office for Archeology, to seek funding from the new Interreg cross-border programme Saxony-Czech Republic 2021-2027. The project aims to research the beginning of mining activities in the Ore Mountains, specifically... read more

Topic: Cultural heritage
Program: INTERREG Saxony-Czech Republic
Service type: Project development, Project management

· Erfurt ·

Rail4Regions: Putting freight on rail

The reopening of branch lines and industrial sidings as well as additions to the infrastructure of multimodal freight terminals can increase the capacities for rail freight transport in Central Europe much faster than building new rail tracks. How to exploit these potentials is subject to transnational exchange and learning of the Rail4Regions... read more

Topic: Transport
Program: Interreg Central Europe
Service type: Project development, Project management

· Schwerin ·

Green Industrial Areas: Decarbonisation of business activities

Amid climate change, the success of the battle to reduce further global warming is bound to the decarbonisation of business activities. Industrial areas, where companies of different branches work door to door, offer good opportunities to achieve first steps as businesses can support each other and seize potentials of industrial symbiosis (e.g.... read more

Topic: Climate protection
Program: Interreg Baltic Sea Region
Service type: Project development, Project management

· Krefeld ·

Generation D: Certification of care products

core-consult supports the Alexian GmbH Krefeld in the project and financial management of the project "Generation D" in the final semester of its lifetime and the project closure phase. The 11 partners of the project worked together on testing and certifying products to ease the care of persons with dementia. Website Lifetime: October 2022 -... read more

Topic: Health care
Program: Interreg Northwest Europe

· Baden ·

D-Care Labs: core-consult on a training and support mission

In the period September 2021-January 2022 core-consult supported the Diakonie Baden, Karlsruhe in financial management and in the training of a new staff member within the transnational Danube region project "D-Care Labs". Due to staff shortages, there was an acute need. Managing Director Peter Schulenkorf: "It was a matter of course for us to... read more

Topic: Health care
Program: Interreg Danube Region

· Dresden ·

ArchaeoMontan @ School: Mountainous archeology in the classroom and extracurricular school activities

Sites of the UNESCO World Heritage at Dippoldiswalde and Měděnec are less known especially among young people living in the border region between the Czech Republic and Germany. The State Office for Archeology Saxony and the Archeological Institute Most therefore implement a cross-border project aiming to disseminate knowledge about the... read more

Topic: Cultural heritage, Education
Program: INTERREG Saxony-Czech Republic

· Freyung ·

Study Digi4Care: Analysis of digitalisation of elderly care

core-consult has been awarded with the contract to carry out a comparative analysis regarding the structure and progress of digitaliation of elderly care by the association of the Euroregion Danube-Moldova. As part of the task core-consult will set up and manage an multilingual online survey and conduct interviews with experts from Bavaria, the... read more

Service type: Analysis and evaluations