· 23.03.2020 ·

Covid-19 Emergency – We continue to be at your service!

Despite the restrictions to contain the covid-19 desease core-consult continues its task and remains at the service of our clients. Using digital means we aim to minimize the impact of this unprecedented situation for our projects. You can contact us as always by email or telephone during office hours. In addition, we are coordinating virtual... read more

· 12.03.2020 ·

Fresh ideas for Weißenfels station

School students from Weißenfels have been invited to contribute their ideas for a revitalisation of the train station building in Weißenfels. The workshop took place on 4 March 2020 within the YOUMOBIL project. Students first had the opportunity to investigate the vacant station building and thereafter participated in a workshop to collect first... read more

· 12.03.2020 ·

Presentations in Jáchymov and Boží Dar

Results of the project "Our World Heritage" were presented on 5 Märchen 2020 to interested stakeholders im Jáchymov and  Boží Dar. Those include an interactive map, knowledge sheets about the UNESCO World Heritage programme, and materials for schools. Both events were attended by more than 20... read more

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