REIF Partner meeting digital
· 24.02.2021 ·

Aiming for digital solutions

The next online partner meeting of the REIF project took place on February 23rd, 2021. Activities of all work packages have been discussed during the event. Amid an ongoing pandemic, project partners searched for solutions to advance the project's external digital communication and to promote the transnational exchange of knowledge gained in the... read more

Topic: Transport

centrala europe
· 10.02.2021 ·

Mid-term Review of our Central Europe projects

core-consult is contracted to support three Interreg Central Europe projects which were approved in the programme's 3rd call (Arrival Regions, Youmobil und REIF. In recent weeks each one was subject to a Mid-term review which was conducted through a video-conference with the Joint Secretariat in Vienna. Together the participants assessed the... read more

Topic: Institutional capacities, Transport, Urban and rural development

· 04.02.2021 ·

Steering Group Meeting – problems, solutions and conclusions

On 03.02.2020 a virtual Steering Group Meeting of the project RegiaMobil was held. During the meeting, in addition to a summary of previous project activities and budget review, the current situation and problems that the project partners are currently facing were discussed. All project partners agreed that of all the activities planned within the... read more

Topic: Transport

1000 Jahre 1
· 02.02.2021 ·

The oldest patient in the Bautzen Clinic

The entire team watched with excitement as embodied history was revealed to modern medical technology. Thanks to computer tomography, an early medieval skull from the collection of the Bautzen Museum was x-rayed in layers every 0.6 mm. With the resulting spatial image, researchers hope to uncover previously hidden details of the history and living... read more

Program: Saxony-Poland

· 04.01.2021 ·

New Interreg directive expected soon

EU member states and the European Parliament have reached a political agreement defining the framework of the new generation of Interreg programmes. The agreement foresees the continuation of all currently existing Interreg programmes and indicates the total financing available (5.8 billion Euro for cross-border cooperation; 1.5 billion Euro for... read more

Program: general news

Screenshot Skills+ Final event
· 02.12.2020 ·

Digital final event of digitisation project

A virtual final event brought the SKILLS+ project to its end after almost five years of interregional collaboration. 12 partners from 11 countries exchanged during the project lifetime about strategies to promote digitisation in rural areas, with focus on SME. The final event was attended by more than 40 persons and provided the opportunity to... read more

Topic: Urban and rural development

· 09.11.2020 ·

Public transport innovations tested despite the pandemic

The fourth partner meeting of the YOUMOBIL project took place on November 5th and 6th, 2020. Although the ongoing pandemic meant that the event had to be realized in virtual format it presented an opportunity for a lot of discussion and exchange among project partners. At present different pilot actions are in the focus of project activities. A... read more

Topic: Transport

· 02.10.2020 ·

9th Project Team Meeting

The project team Science as Adventure met on 22.10.2020 in the Westlausitz Museum in Kamenz. All project partners took part in the meeting. The representatives of the Western Lusatian Museum, the Museum of Ceramics in Boleslawiec and the Lusatian Museum in Zgorzelec discussed the educational programs developed within the project, school... read more

Topic: Cultural heritage, Education
Program: Saxony-Poland

DAY 1 Group
· 02.10.2020 ·

Combined, virtual and physical, RegiaMobil project partner meeting in Dresden

From 28th to 29th September, meeting of the RegiaMobil project took place in Germany. Initially, it was planned that the meeting would take place in Prague, but due to restrictions in the Czech Republic, the meeting was moved to Dresden. There were 5 partners who physically attended the meeting, the other project partners joined virtually due to... read more

Topic: Transport

· 24.09.2020 ·

Minecrafting a train station

The final workshop of a series of three events targeting local youth organized by the YOUMOBIL project took place on 23 September 2020 in Weißenfels and allowed the participating young people to visualize their ideas for the revitalisation of the city's train station using the computer game Minetest. The results will soon become subject of a... read more

Topic: Demographic change, Transport, Urban and rural development