Screenshot Skills+ Final event
· 02.12.2020 ·

Digital final event of digitisation project

A virtual final event brought the SKILLS+ project to its end after almost five years of interregional collaboration. 12 partners from 11 countries exchanged during the project lifetime about strategies to promote digitisation in rural areas, with focus on SME. The final event was attended by more than 40 persons and provided the opportunity to... read more

Topic: Urban and rural development

· 09.11.2020 ·

Public transport innovations tested despite the pandemic

The fourth partner meeting of the YOUMOBIL project took place on November 5th and 6th, 2020. Although the ongoing pandemic meant that the event had to be realized in virtual format it presented an opportunity for a lot of discussion and exchange among project partners. At present different pilot actions are in the focus of project activities. A... read more

Topic: Transport

· 02.10.2020 ·

9th Project Team Meeting

The project team Science as Adventure met on 22.10.2020 in the Westlausitz Museum in Kamenz. All project partners took part in the meeting. The representatives of the Western Lusatian Museum, the Museum of Ceramics in Boleslawiec and the Lusatian Museum in Zgorzelec discussed the educational programs developed within the project, school... read more

Topic: Cultural heritage, Education
Program: Saxony-Poland

DAY 1 Group
· 02.10.2020 ·

Combined, virtual and physical, RegiaMobil project partner meeting in Dresden

From 28th to 29th September, meeting of the RegiaMobil project took place in Germany. Initially, it was planned that the meeting would take place in Prague, but due to restrictions in the Czech Republic, the meeting was moved to Dresden. There were 5 partners who physically attended the meeting, the other project partners joined virtually due to... read more

Topic: Transport

· 24.09.2020 ·

Minecrafting a train station

The final workshop of a series of three events targeting local youth organized by the YOUMOBIL project took place on 23 September 2020 in Weißenfels and allowed the participating young people to visualize their ideas for the revitalisation of the city's train station using the computer game Minetest. The results will soon become subject of a... read more

Topic: Demographic change, Transport, Urban and rural development

REIF Screenshot
· 23.09.2020 ·

Virtual partnership meeting

Due to the pandemic's travel restrictions the recent partnership meeting of REIF had to realized virtually. Yet all partners and the Joint Secretariat participated in the meeting that took place on September 17th, 2020. Main items of discussion were the results of studies investigating the market potential of rail freight transport and bottlenecks... read more

Topic: Transport

· 01.07.2020 ·

Workshop series in Weißenfels continued

After the Covid-19 pandemic caused a longer pause the workshop series of the YOUMOBIL project in Weißenfels was continued on 30 June 2020. The workshops are staged together with local youth to develop ideas to revitalize the disused train station building of the city. The event was opened by an address by Lord Mayor Bobby Risch, who thanked the... read more

Topic: Transport, Urban and rural development

· 11.06.2020 ·

Presentation of Burgenland district‘s pilot action

The concept of the ARRIVAL REGIONS pilot action to be implemented in the Burgenland district in Central Germany was presented and discussed with participating stakeholders representing local associations and educational institutions on 10 June 2020 in Naumburg. The concept is based on a good practice from Sweden and consists of the organization of... read more

Topic: Demographic change

· 06.05.2020 ·

Cross-border home office

The current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic also had a significant impact on the INTERREG project of 1000 years of Upper Lusatia - people, castles, towns. Despite adversities, the project team is still active - this time at home in front of the computer and with the phone in hand. After three weeks of lockdown the team can again work more... read more

Topic: Cultural heritage, Education
Program: Saxony-Poland

core Gesellschafter sitzend
· 04.05.2020 ·

How the covid-19 virus changes our daily work

Regular physical meetings are normally an important activity in both cross-border and transnational projects. They provide for an exchange among partners and allow the planning of joint activities. During the current covid-19 health crisis such meetings are obviously impossible. To foster the continued European cooperation in our projects we are... read more

Program: general news