Europaregion Donau Moldau
· 30.06.2021 ·

New study to be carried out by core-consult

The association of the Euroregion Danube-Moldova has tasked core-consult to prepare a comparative study about the structure and progress in digitalisation of elderly care in Bavaria, the Czech Republic and Austria. The results provide necessary background information and allow identifying possible activities of a planned INTERREG project on the... read more

Topic: health care
Program: general news

· 04.01.2021 ·

New Interreg directive expected soon

EU member states and the European Parliament have reached a political agreement defining the framework of the new generation of Interreg programmes. The agreement foresees the continuation of all currently existing Interreg programmes and indicates the total financing available (5.8 billion Euro for cross-border cooperation; 1.5 billion Euro for... read more

Program: general news

core Gesellschafter sitzend
· 04.05.2020 ·

How the covid-19 virus changes our daily work

Regular physical meetings are normally an important activity in both cross-border and transnational projects. They provide for an exchange among partners and allow the planning of joint activities. During the current covid-19 health crisis such meetings are obviously impossible. To foster the continued European cooperation in our projects we are... read more

Program: general news

· 23.03.2020 ·

Covid-19 Emergency – We continue to be at your service!

Despite the restrictions to contain the covid-19 desease core-consult continues its task and remains at the service of our clients. Using digital means we aim to minimize the impact of this unprecedented situation for our projects. You can contact us as always by email or telephone during office hours. In addition, we are coordinating virtual... read more

Program: general news

· 02.10.2019 ·

Climate Adaptation Project approved

In August 2019 the state-owned company Sachsenforst, Pirna got the final approval of the ArchaeoForest project which was developed together with core-consult. Other partners of this project are in addition to the state-owned enterprise SachsenForst, Pirna, the State Office for Archeology, Dresden and the University of Greifswald with the working... read more

Topic: Climate protection
Program: general news

· 05.03.2019 ·

Federal programme managed by core-consult until 2021

core-consult will continue its tasks as scientific assistant of the Federal Transnational Cooperation funding programme until the end of 2021. The programme supports the participation of German institutions in transnational projects (Interreg). core-consult provides support to potential German applicants and audits the use of received federal... read more

Program: general news

· 21.09.2017 ·

Hot autumn

With summer fading away the number of events in projets implemented with core-consult is quickly increasing: Last week, a partner meeting of ArchaeoMontan 2018 took place at Lesná (CZ), a workshop of SKILLS+ partners was organised at Ostrava (CZ), a Polish-German excursion highlighted good practices in the development of villages in Saxony (DE)... read more

Program: general news

· 30.01.2017 ·

INTERREG Mid-Term Conference in Berlin

On 16 May 2017, the German Federal Ministry for Transport and Digital Infrastructure will hold a Mid-Term Conference of the current INTERREG period at Berlin where five transnational programmes are reviewed. core-consult will participate in the event to inform about the federal Transnational Cooperation Programmes and to share its... read more

Program: general news

· 05.08.2016 ·

10 applications for federal funding received

A total of ten applications for funding from the German federal transnational cooperation programme were received when the deadline on 15 July 2016 lapsed. In the coming months, the proposal will be evaluated. Applicants will be informed about the outcome in autumn... read more

Program: general news

· 05.07.2016 ·

Further federal programme management

As result of a public tender, core-consult has been awarded with the contract to provide scientific assistance to the management of the federal programme to support transnational cooperation. core-consult provides advice to German partners who aim to apply for a national co-financing or pre-financing of their participation in a transnational... read more

Program: general news