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ReCo: Cooperating for a greener central Europe

The Central European Green Belt (CE EGB) forms a structurally rich bridge element connecting various valuable habitat types, which are of great importance in the role of natural carbon sinks for climate protection. However, challenging developments such as increasing land use and climate change are having a detrimental effect on, leading to a decline in biodiversity and habitat degradation within this ecological network. In response, the ReCo project aims to find innovative technical solutions to improve the protection and conservation of habitat types along the EGB CE. In doing so, transnational cooperation on the project is essential, as the EGB extends across several countries and since ecological connectivity does not end at national borders. 12 partners from member states of the Interreg Central Europe program are thus participating in the development of
the new protection and conservation strategy. core-consult supports Bavarian Branch of Friends of the Earth Germany as lead partner in the project coordination by taking over the external project and financial management as well as by supporting the project’s dissemination.

Lifetime: March 2023 – February 2026



Topic: Nature and environmental protection
Program: Interreg Central Europe