· Nuremberg ·

DaRe 2 Connect (D2C): Biotopes along the Green Belt of Europe

Partners from Germany, Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic implement the D2C project to promote the networking of biotopes along the Green Belt of Europe, the continent's former Iron Curtain. Using innovative GIS data application ecological corridors are identified and evaluated regarding their eco services. After successfully developing the... read more

Tag/s: environment, green belt, project secretariat

· Pirna ·

ArchaeoForest: Forestry in the light of climate change

core-consult has been commissioned by Sachsenforst, the State of Saxony's Forest Management Authority, to elaborate a project to receive financing from the national forest climate funds. The project, in which the State Office for Archeology of Saxony and the Ernst Moritz Arndt University Greifswald are further partners, aims to analyse woods found... read more

Tag/s: climate protection, project development

· Kamenz ·

Science as Adventure: Communication of archeology in schools

The Museum of West Lusatia in Kamenz, the Ceramics Museum in Bolesławiec and the Lusatian Museum in Zgorzelec work together in the project “Science as Adventure” to enhance extracurricular, cross-border (German-Polish), interdisciplinary educational programs based on archaeological materials and cultural monuments and to improve the... read more

Tag/s: Education, project secretariat
Program/s: INTERREG Poland-Saxony 2014-2020

· Dresden ·

Archiv-Net: Strengthening historical research in the Ore Mountains

Researchers interested in the medieval history of the Ore Mountains can find relevant materials in a number of archives and museums located in Germany and the Czech Republic which are managed by different bodies and where research conditions are consequentely differentiating. Until now, no comprehensive overview over the different institutions... read more

Tag/s: collaboration of administrations
Program/s: INTERREG Saxony-Czech Republic 2014-2020

· Zittau ·

ALiZi: Development region Zittau – Liberec

On behalf of HaskoningDHV, Prague (CZ), core-consult researched spatial data for the development of the agglomeration Liberec-Zittau. Furthermore, 25 phone interviews were carried out with regional stakeholders in Germany. The interviews aimed to identify approaches to strengthen the agglomeration and to promote its cross-border links. The study... read more

Tag/s: analysis
Program/s: INTERREG Saxony-Czech Republic 2014-2020

· Erfurt ·

SubNodes: Conncecting the hinterland to the Transeuropean Railway Network

All over Europe rail-hubs along the trans-European transport corridors (TEN-T) have evolved. Between these nodes they guarantee fast and connected traveling, often by high-speed trains. But what about the hinterland regions of these hubs? That's where SubNodes comes into play. Suitable medium-sized cities shall be developed into attractive... read more

Tag/s: transport
Program/s: Central Europe 2014-2020

· Kajaani ·

BRIDGES: Bridging competence infrastructure gaps in the bio economy

The interregional projects brings together nine partners who elaborate and exchange about measures to promote innovation in their bio-economy as contribution to the implementation of the Regional Innovation Strategy (RIS3). core-consult will moderate an internal peer review of the project and contribute to the elaboration of a methodology for the... read more

· Dresden ·

VirtualArch: Virtual world to protect threatened cultural heritage

New approaches to digitalise and present invisible and threatened archeological cultural heritage are tested and realised in the framework of the project "VirtualArch" (INTERREG CENTRAL EUROPE). The project partners aim to exploit digital visualisation and presentation of cultural heritage for purposes of regional development of their regions and... read more

Tag/s: former mining activities, Virtual reality

· Dresden ·

Program evaluation: Improving the design and implementation of the program

The Managing Authority of the Cooperation Program Saxony – Czech Republic 2014 -2020 (Saxon State Ministry of Environment and Agriculture) contracted an ongoing evaluation of the program. The evaluation aims at improving the design and implementation of the program. As part of a consortium led by Metis GmbH Vienna, core-consult carries out field... read more

Program/s: INTERREG Saxony-Czech Republic 2014-2020

· Freiberg ·

Unser WeltErbe: Die Montanregion Erzgebirge/Krušnohoří im Schulunterricht

Die Montanregion Erzgebirge/Krušnohoří bewirbt sich aktuell bei der UNESCO um die Anerkennung als Weltkulturerbe. Begleitend dazu werden in einem grenzüberschreitenden Projekt Materialien zur Vermittlung des Kulturerbes für den Schulunterricht erarbeitet. Neben Arbeitsblättern entstehen dabei auch interaktive Anwendungen. core-consult... read more

Tag/s: Education, former mining activities, tourism
Program/s: INTERREG Saxony-Czech Republic 2014-2020