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· 18.04.2019 ·

Final conferences in Warsaw and Magdeburg

Last week the final conferences of the projects ChemMultimodal (on 9 April 2019 in Magdeburg) and RUMOBIL (on 11 April 2019 in Warsaw) took place. Both projects are close to the finalisation of their lifetime and used the public events to present their outcomes to transport stakeholders. RUMOBIL resulted in the successful introduction of new... read more

Tag/s: transport
Program/s: 364, CENTRAL EUROPE

· 03.04.2019 ·

Peeking into the archives

Partners and stakeholder of ARCHIV-NET met on April 2, 2019, in Freiberg to visit the local City and Mining Museum and the Saxon Mining Archive. Participants learned there which archeoligical findings are featuring in the collections and research opportunities. The workshop was furthermore used to discuss the cross-border research of medieval... read more

Tag/s: archeology
Program/s: Saxony-Czech Republic

· 25.03.2019 ·

Karlsroute to be presented during national cycling congress of the federal government

The project Karlsroute aiming to establish a cycling route between the German city of Chemnitz and the Czech city of Karlovy Vary receives special honours and is invited to be presented during the national cycling congress hosted by the Federal Ministry for Transport and Digital Infrastructure on 13 and 14 May 2019 in Dresden. The project will be... read more

Tag/s: tourism
Program/s: Saxony-Czech Republic

· 20.03.2019 ·

VirtualArch Transnational Stakeholder Workshop „Agriculture, Forestry and Archeology”

Stakeholders of archeology, agriculture and forestry discussed during the transnational workshop the threats to archeological heritage posed by land use through agriculture and forestry. Representatives of the State Office for Archeology of Saxony presented examples where heritage protection authorities worked together with farmers to adjust and... read more

Tag/s: archeology, Digitisation

· 18.03.2019 ·

Smart Integration honoured

The Federal Ministry for the Interior, Construction and Homeland and the Ministry for Investments and Economic Development of the Polish Republic are jointly realizing a competition to identify flagship projects for the concept of a joint future between the neighbouring countries. During this year’s award ceremony, the project Smart... read more

Tag/s: Border area
Program/s: Saxony-Poland

SKILLS+ Magdeburg
· 15.03.2019 ·

More than 16 million Euro for action plans

With Phase 1 of the project SKILLS+ coming to its close, partners met on 12 March 2019 in Magdeburg (DE) to present the action plans that have been elaborated at the project’s mid-term workshop. Based on recommendations and good practices provided by other partners, each of the eleven partner regions prepared an action plan to support the... read more

Tag/s: Digitisation

· 11.03.2019 ·

ChemMultimodal partners discuss new EU directive

Partners of ChemMultimodal discussed during their 3rd Policy Advisory Group meeting on 7 March 2019 in Brussels the coming EU Combined Transport Directive. The event provided an opportunity to share the learning of the project's pilot phase with both the Vice President of the European Parliament,  Prof. Bogusław Liberadzki, and the... read more

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· 05.03.2019 ·

Federal programme managed by core-consult until 2021

core-consult will continue its tasks as scientific assistant of the Federal Transnational Cooperation funding programme until the end of 2021. The programme supports the participation of German institutions in transnational projects (Interreg). core-consult provides support to potential German applicants and audits the use of received federal... read more

Program/s: general news

· 12.02.2019 ·

SubNodes partner meeting in Southern Moravia

The team of the Interreg Central project SubNodes visited the pilot site Zidlochovice (CZ). This town gets a direct rail connection to 25 km northward situated Brno; thus the current bus line will be discontinued. In the context of SubNodes the regional transport agency KORDIS, in cooperation with the local polulation, elaborates the... read more

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Smart Integration 1
· 01.02.2019 ·

Meeting of the project team in Dresden

Partners of the Saxon-Polish cross-border project "Smart Integration" met on 30 and 31 January 2019 in Dresden. The participants evaluated the realised activities and coordinated those foreseen in upcoming months. One of the central outcomes of the project is a study analysing the border area that will be finalised by summer 2019.... read more

Tag/s: Border area
Program/s: Saxony-Poland