Mag. Marek Liebscher


Senior expert of core-consult GmbH & Co. KG, Dresden. Studies in economics and political sciences and european studies in Usti nad Labem, Prague, Leipzig and Dortmund .Marek comes from Czech Republic and is fluent in Czech, Slovak, German and English.



Saxon-Czech crossborder pogrammes

Project development: Saxon – Bohemian Switzerland – an excellent tourist destination(Ceské Švýcarsko o.p.s und tourism association Saxon Switzerland)

Development and implementation of a concept for a permanent exhibition “Germans in Bohemia”(Collegium Bohemicum o.p.s. und Institute for Saxon History, xity museam Ústi nad Labem)

Centre for ecological and linguistic out-of-school learning and leisure activities for youngsters in the Saxon-Czech border area ((LEB im Freistaat Sachsen e.V. und Svazek obcí INTEGRO)


Bavarian-Czech crossborder pogrammes

Project development Clara II – Development of a mutual coopperation between public administrations in the Bavarian-Czech border region (Region of Karlovy Vary, Region of Oberfranken)