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YURA: Mobilising and supporting youth in rural areas

The demographic change caused by an already ongoing ageing of the population and simultanious migration tendencies constitutes surely one of the biggest challences Central European Regions will have to face in the coming years. Beside the provision of an adequate social infrastructure by the public sector it becomes more and more obvious that especially local and regional companies will suffer from a severe brain drain and skill shortages.

YURA will contribute to counteract those developments by initating networks and cooperation projects between educational institutions such as schools and universities and local and regional enterprises. These pilot projects will inform and offer youngsters and pupils future vocational perspectives and job opportunities in their region of origin. Experiences and approaches will be integrated in a transnational youth strategy to be developed and promoted on regional and transnational level.

core-consult took over project and financial management of YURA. In addition, core-consult is also responsible for the transnational information and communication activities for the project.

Processing period: 04/2010 – 06/2013


Topic: Demographic change, Urban and rural development
Program: Interreg Central Europe