· 26.08.2014 ·

Recalling the Day of Saxon-Czech collaboration

It is often a hard job to bring the results of European territorial cooperation projects to the attention of the “average citizen”. Knowing this, the Czech Ministry of Regional Development decided to organise the Day of Saxon-Czech collaboration at a popular location: Klinovic mountain, the highest point of the Ore Mountains (1.244 meters). Though the weather could have been better, everyone who made it to the top was rewarded with samples of typical regional food, an interesting stage programme and a number of exhibition stands where projects displayed their results. One of them was ArchaeoMontan – one of the cross-border projects coordinated with the help of core-consult. Nearby the Klinovic mountain, the exhibition Silberrausch und Berggeschrey, which is a key output of the project, can be visited on the Royal Mint Jáchymov.

Program: general news