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VirtualArch: Archeology and virtual reality

core-consult is developing a transnational project on behalf of the Saxon State Office for Archeology that will be submitted in the second call of the INTERREG CENTRAL EUROPE programme.

Throughout Europe, archeological cultural heritage is under pressure. Objects found and research sites are in competition with other spatial functions, e.g. infrastructures, roads or flood protection. Intensive tourism might as well threaten the durable conservation of discovered objects and the protection of archeological sites. At the same time, tourism can contribute to a sustainable regional development and protection of cultural heritage.

The project will investigate innovative approaches taking use of new digital technologies such as augmented reality to protect, document and conserve archeological findings and protected sites. Furthermore, these tools provide new approaches for conflict management when cultural heritage is under pressure.

The project was submitted under the 2nd call of the Interreg Central Europe programme and selected for funding.

Topic: Cultural heritage, Tourism
Program: Interreg Central Europe