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Sanaero: Monitoring the contamination of brownfields

Sanaero addresses environmental protection, especially of contaminated brownfields such as former industrial and military areas in the German-Polish border area.

At present, decontaminating brownfields is not a priority for regional development in Poland; a systematic methodology to analyse brownfield sites and to explore their revitalisation is lacking. Sanaero therefore aims to establish a system to categorise brownfields, to monitor their contamination, and to highlight potential hazards to the environment. Within the Sanaero project, the former military airport of WGT Krzywa (Gromadka municipality) was chosen as pilot site. The area is contaminated with up to 4,000 m3 of kerosine, which are considered hazardous for ground water, soil and the local population.

Processing period: 04/2010 – 09/2014


Topic: Nature and environmental protection