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Archiv-Net: Strengthening historical research in the Ore Mountains

Researchers interested in the medieval history of the Ore Mountains can find relevant materials in a number of archives and museums located in Germany and the Czech Republic which are managed by different bodies and where research conditions are consequentely differentiating. Until now, no comprehensive overview over the different institutions hosting historical materials and the conditions for research there exists. The State Archeology Office of Saxony and the Institute for Archeology of the Czech Acedemy of Sciences therefore initiated the project “Archiv-Net”. The project activities include joint workshops on site of the archives and museums, leading to a guideline for researchers, and an exemplary joint research on medieval migration in the Ore Mountains. core-consult is tasked to support the project implementation as external management.


Work period: 10/2018 – 09/2020

Topic: Cultural heritage, Institutional capacities
Program: INTERREG Saxony-Czech Republic