· 14.09.2018 ·

ChemMultimodal saved 8448 tons of CO2

Short before the conclusion of the ChemMultimodal project’s pilot phase the partnership met on 12 & 13 September 2018 in Linz (AT) to assess the preliminary results: 59 businesses have participated in the pilot phase. Together with the project partners, 45 transport routes have been identified where a potential of multimodal transport is possible using rail and short-sea transport while goods on those routes used to be transported only by road. By the end of August an effective reorganisation of transports using multimodal opportunities was achieved for seven of the investigated routes. On seven further roads, test shipments were carried out with results still being assessed by the company decision-makers. Estimating the CO2 reduction resulting from the durable shifts towards multimodal transport and from test-runs carried out, ChemMultimodal partners already achieved a reducation of CO2 emissions borne by the transport of chemical goods amounting to¬†8448 tons.

ChemM Linz


Topic: Transport, Urban and rural development
Program: Central Europe