· 02.10.2020 ·

9th Project Team Meeting

The project team Science as Adventure met on 22.10.2020 in the Westlausitz
Museum in Kamenz. All project partners took part in the meeting. The
representatives of the Western Lusatian Museum, the Museum of Ceramics in
Boleslawiec and the Lusatian Museum in Zgorzelec discussed the educational
programs developed within the project, school student exchanges and the
problems that partners have faced during the COVID19 pandemic with the
implementation of the activities planned in the project. Final preparations
were also made for the next planned event within the project, i.e.
cross-border workshops for cultural and educational institutions, which will
take place on 15 October 2020 in Bolesławiec.

Topic: Cultural heritage, Education
Program: Saxony-Poland