chem milan2
· 25.06.2018 ·

First successes in the reduction of transport-related CO2 emissions of chemical goods

The pilot phase of the ChemMultimodal project has sparked first successes: In more than half of the regions addressed by the project, tests to transport chemical goods, that until now were delivered only by road, have been accomplished using multimodal solutions including rail. The efficiency of the found new transport solutions are going to be... read more

Logo Interreg PL SN
· 25.06.2018 ·

Launch of the consultation phase

Representatives of municipalities and interest groups were invited to participate in a forum presenting the intermediate results of a study for the border area between Saxony and Lower Silesia to discuss approaches for spatial planning and regional development of the border area. The event was also used to launch the consultation phase of the... read more

rumobil genua
· 15.06.2018 ·

Method to evaluate the pilot phase

A meeting among work package leaders of the RUMOBIL project on 14 June 2018 in Genoa addressed the methodology to assess the different pilot measures of the partner regions. Experimenting with innovative ICT eight different approaches to improve the accessibility of rural areas are tested by the partnership. Compared to the previous year,... read more