· 18.03.2019 ·

Smart Integration honoured

The Federal Ministry for the Interior, Construction and Homeland and the Ministry for Investments and Economic Development of the Polish Republic are jointly realizing a competition to identify flagship projects for the concept of a joint future between the neighbouring countries. During this year’s award ceremony, the project Smart... read more

Tag/s: Border area
Program/s: Saxony-Poland

Smart Integration 1
· 01.02.2019 ·

Meeting of the project team in Dresden

Partners of the Saxon-Polish cross-border project "Smart Integration" met on 30 and 31 January 2019 in Dresden. The participants evaluated the realised activities and coordinated those foreseen in upcoming months. One of the central outcomes of the project is a study analysing the border area that will be finalised by summer 2019.... read more

Tag/s: Border area
Program/s: Saxony-Poland

· 30.11.2018 ·

Polish delegation visited the West Lusatia

As part of the project „Smart Integration“ with the Saxony State Ministry as Lead Partner a German-Polish excursion for professionals on the issues structure and construction of administration took place from 22.11.2018 to 23.11.2018. Representatives of the Ministry and of polish administration exchanged their experience in that field.... read more

Tag/s: Border area, Education, rural areas
Program/s: Saxony-Poland