· Magdeburg ·

RUMOBIL: Connecting peripheral areas through public transport

RUMOBIL is based on transnational cooperation between public authorities and their transport entities who are confronted with a similar challenge to respond to pressures on regional public transport systems caused by demographic change in peripheral areas. Working together in RUMOBIL will provide them a platform to exchange their knowledge, to... read more

Tag/s: demographic change, project secretariat, rural areas, transport
Program/s: Central Europe 2014-2020

· Sachsen-Anhalt ·

SKILLS+: Policy learning to better promote ICT in rural areas' SME

In Germany and many other European region broadband connectivity is still work in progress. Especially rural areas have either received fast internet connections only recently or still have to wait a few more years. But since information and communication technologies (ICT) are gaining significancy for both our private and professional lifes, most... read more

Tag/s: entrepreneurship, project development, rural areas

· Magdeburg ·

YURA: Mobilising and supporting youth in rural areas

The demographic change caused by an already ongoing ageing of the population and simultanious migration tendencies constitutes surely one of the biggest challences Central European Regions will have to face in the coming years. Beside the provision of an adequate social infrastructure by the public sector it becomes more and more obvious that... read more

Tag/s: employment, project secretariat, rural areas, youth strategy